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Your artwork choice entitled:   " Calla i "

This image is available in Luminage on Fuji Crystal Archival Paper

"Calla i"
(Grey mat approximated above)
"Calla i"
(White mat depicted faintly)

Purchase Options (Fine Art Print and Matting) for this image:  "Calla i"

Medium: Archival Pigment Ink on Acid Free Museum Art paper


We recommend to start your selection process with deciding on a Frame Size (which is specified by its mat size = size of the frame glass).
Refer to the center column below to correlate what Print Size is recommended for the desired overall frame size.

FREE SHIPPING for print and mat.
Introductory pricing effective until Nov 1, 2022.

PRINT PAPER SIZE CHOICE:    (click circle button on left)
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   Mat(Frame) Size(**)
   Mat Color

(The size of the mat is how the Picture Frame is specified)

MAT SIZE(*) MAT PRICE Recommended Print Size(**) Recommended Mat Color
- - - - - -
$15  8x10" White
$20  8x10" White
$25  11x14" White
$50  16x20", 13x17" White
$60  White
$100  White
$110  White
$120  White
$140  White


MAT TITLE & ARTIST SIGNING POSITION at the bottom of the window:
(Choose where (and if) you want the front bottom of the mat to be signed and titled)

Note: signature and title are always on the reverse of the print and back of the mounting board backing (if purchased).

(*)Printed image area is smaller than paper size
(**)Mat Size recommended for each size print
Note: This image is tall & thin: you may want to consider a custom-sized frame and mat FREE Shipping (US mainland ground delivery)
(contact for international and faster shipping methods)

Image #DSC_3569

Important: Displayed images are not to scale; thickness of mat, mat window, and image area are approximated; color will vary depending on computer monitor calibration, and the mat and framing are shown with a simple black frame (not included). Mats can be included for an additional cost (select above); frames/glass are not sold by us - we suggest buying a standard-sized frame online or at your local arts/crafts store or professional framer (and making sure the mat size will fit your print size.

  • The paper color for archival pigment prints is an off-white, and thus difficult to depict on a computer - the illustrations on this site try to show the window of the mat and don't represent faithfully "white on white".
  • Mat size is the outer dimension of the window-cut board mat, which is the same as glass size.
  • Mats are archival quality acid-free 4-ply board, with accompanying acid-free backing board, ready for insertion into a frame.
  • All mats are "single" mats (as opposed to "double" mats or duplex mats.
  • The outer dimension of the frame depends on the frame you would supply, but usually the frame trim is 1" to 2" wide as the outermost border.
  • The image content will be printed with "breathing room" around the central art object to allow for aesthetic and physical matting, yet still allow a half inch or more underlap with the cut mat.
  • All images are signed. 8x10 sizes are not editioned (open-edition/unnumbered, but signed); larger sizes are editioned.
  • The number in the edition is noted both on the reverse of the actual print, and the back of the backing board (if a mat is purchased).
  • The edition number is based on the artwork image (photograph image or negative number), regardless of sizes sold. (Thus, #1 of 100 might be 11x14, #2 16x20, #3 20x24, etc.)


Sensual and voluptuous abstractions

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