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Many photography images from these portfolios are for sale in three print mediums, all museum quality:

  • Archival acid-free art paper (10-color archival pigment ink) for recent works – signed limited editions, three print sizes.
  • Color prints on Fuji Crystal Archival Emulsion – signed limited editions, glossy photo paper (wet chemistry).
  • Archival toned B&W silver-gelatin (wet darkroom) fiber prints for older works – custom order – signed limited editions 16×20 only.

Art paper prints are printed on the size paper chosen, with the default image size noted.
For many prints, custom orders can be requested to scale the image larger or smaller to adjust the whitespace around the image, or to accommodate larger aspect ratios.

For several of the tall/narrow (long/thin) images, we suggest having a custom-sized frame made.  Please contact us for details.

Matting is extra, and for frames, we can arrange to have your image framed and shipped to you for an additional fee.

To help you choose the print size for your photograph, here are examples of standard frames (ex: 1″ wood trim with glass) that are commonly available online or in art stores.
The below depictions are approximately to scale, but of course not at-size on a computer monitor.

16×20″ frame example with 13×19″ paper size
(7×11″ artwork area)
Our most popular size

20×24″ frame example for 13×19″ paper size
(8×12″ artwork area)
(for larger wall display spaces)

24×36″ frame example for 15×27″ paper size
(7×22″ artwork area)
(for larger wall display spaces)